Hey guys i need some ideas

ask your parents and pay them cash

How about you make a secret gamemode that is really fun? Like whack a sentry or flappy bird or something like that?


yeah sounds fun but idk how to do that lol

Instead of a season pass you can use my pop-up idea but for a special present that’s hiding somewhere.

How would he make flappy bird? I’m curious because I would like to make it for myself!

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How about you make it so that you make a display of text that sings “Happy Birthday to you” while showering him with cash.

Similar principle to mysz’s dropper game, I presume.

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ohhh that sounds cool how do i do that??

Use text to display it, then use a clock to switch the text periodically.

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Maybe you could do something like fnaf security breach where you can move the maze with buttons but you do not know which way they are going to move, so you have to move things around till you can reach the end

That would seem like torture instead of fun. Can we just appreciate for a quick second how good of a friend @Quehcueh is? He is going out of his way to make his friend a gimkit map!

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yeah all these are good lol but as some would say I’m a noob in it well not noob but mid not really all that advanced yet so I’d need help plz

Anyway, what kind of stuff does your friend like?

oh and btw is there any way i can do like uh a Maze generator mazes aren’t exactly my specialty lol

Well, what you can do is have a button to make barriers appear and disappear, but you might run into some problems. Also kudos to you for being such a great friend to them

Video Games, Cooking and hanging with his friends oh and playing violin

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You can probably just copy some maze layout offline it’s not too hard

This might be hard but can you try to make a game where you can cook and farm? I can help teach you some mechanics.

Ok thanq sm i will try that lol