Hey guys i need some ideas

so basically I’m making this birthday hunt for my friend who’s bday is sept 6th so i need some ideas since my time is running out it’s basically like a easter hunt but i need it more interactive with mazes and stuff ideas and how to do them pls?


Maybe you can make the eggs give you money, then you can buy powerups like speed, or activating a certain waypoint that leads you to an egg.


You could add like sentrys as bosses at the end of the maze and make it that when you knock it out you get another clue.

The season ticket thing is so smart ngl.

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A memory maze! Make a maze on the first half, and then have him do the exact same thing, except everything is black!.

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How about once he reaches the end of the maze or collects a certain amount of eggs, he gets a pop-up telling him to look somewhere (assuming you and your friend will be together irl) irl, which is a receipt (if gimkit gives that) for the season pass.

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how do i do that do i need to buy a season ticket with real money?? Lol

Don’t forget to mark a solution (my idea is probably the best, but this isn’t a competition😉)

Yes, season tickets cost 5 dollars.

You can give money to someone with a credit card then they can buy it for you

oof i dont have a CC so i cant buy anything

It’s cheap, but don’t get it unless he plays gimkit a lot, my school uses it a lot so it was worth it for me

and my parents would prob think it’s useless anyways lol so yeah any other ideas?

ask your parents and pay them cash

How about you make a secret gamemode that is really fun? Like whack a sentry or flappy bird or something like that?


yeah sounds fun but idk how to do that lol

Instead of a season pass you can use my pop-up idea but for a special present that’s hiding somewhere.

How would he make flappy bird? I’m curious because I would like to make it for myself!

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How about you make it so that you make a display of text that sings “Happy Birthday to you” while showering him with cash.