Help with waypoints with teams

So I’m making an ambush game, with 2 teams, and I want it so that one team can see the other players’ location but not their team players’ location and vise versa.
For example, Team 1 can see Team 2’s players’ location, and Team 2 can see Team 1’s players’ location.

can waypoints track players from other teams?
lemme check

Do you want just one specific player to be tracked, or ALL of the other team’s players?

I tried b4 in a hide and seek game I helped with I sued a tag system to reveal nearby players as a powerup
but so far team scoped waypoints are weird
I couldn’t get it to work so I blew it up >:D


all players on the other team

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Clic Clac made a system on how to give a waypoint to every player. I think if you just set the scope of the relay to “random player on a specific team (team 1)/(team 2)” other than “random player” then it would work…

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