Help with voting system

So some time ago, I got some help from @awesomeT43 with a voting system. But, whenever I do it and wait sometime or when everyone votes on a person that is not the imposter, it just kicks them out (the imposter). This has been happening and whenever someone clicks the button it goes to the place but the time to vote is very short. Can someone pls help?

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what voting system did you use?


I didn’t build it, awesomeT43 used his: Beginner Voting System (Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10)

oh :man_facepalming:
try remaking it. have notifications pop up for each channel and see if a channel doesnt pop up.

I don’t want to mess it up. It took a long time for him to make it.

you don’t have to mess with the channels at all. just have notifications receive all those same channels and see if a channel doesn’t pop up. if it doesn’t, it means it’s not sending.

I’m not sure how to to do that. I don’t know the channels either that are being sent. @awesomeT43 , could you help?


if it says “transmit on”, it’s being sent.

Ill see if awesome can help.

You could switch to this.

I’m sorry I took so long to see this. I can help you sometime tomorrow.


Thank you!

@Cyan_Tiger_Reigns Are you avalible now?

I will like on Tuesday and Wednesday I believe. I wont Monday because its a holiday and no school.