Help with turn-based rpg

so i’m making a turn-based rpg game where you spawn at home and you get assigned a turn number. you can’t move. if you’re turn number is 1, a popup will show on your screen, asking you if you want to go left, down, up, or right, but not every tile can go every direction. Is there a way to assign a zone a number and check which zone the player is in and alter the popup? Here is what my game looks like now:

This might help:

thanks but i already read through it and it dons’t realy help me.

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How do see memory? Because I don’t know.

Click the :gear: icon in the bottom-left-corner, go to editing options, scroll down and set “show map memory” to “yes.”

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its in the editing options. I think its the last one.

okay do you have a way to help me?

a made a zone for the home tile, where when play enters, transmit on tile4x7 (it show the position of the tile) now is there a way to make it so only the player whose its their turn can send the message? sorry if there’s bad grammar

pokemon tag has information about Turn-based games

i already checked that too, and still couldn’t find a solution

Try this

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