Help With Tower Defense

Hello, @Dragonite here. I need help with a tower defense game. I want to have enemies in the form of props, barriers, and whatnot. I need ideas for the enemies that AREN’T sentries and I need help figuring out how to give the “enemies” health. I’ve tried psuedo-properties, variables, etc. Any help appreciated! (PS. I need help with the enemies firing at the towers to damage them)

This has been a very difficult topic before. I would use players for the enemies, and sentries for the towers. I would have the players take turns being the enemies, so that way they still want to play and aren’t bored of being farmed.


A tower defense game? Ok. I can try maybe.

enemies that aren’t sentries? Could you elaborate a little more? (I’m not a techy guy…)

Second, need to give enemies health? Tsk tsk… maybe a players inventory could be. Like if a prop is in range, it takes away 1 item representing it’s HP. If it reaches 0, it disappears. There’s hundreds of gimkit items, so you should be ok…

Tower defense has been scrapped for being well known as extremely difficult, so I wish you the best of luck.

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Wouldn’t I have to make a range for every square and every different range?

Too risky.The players might stall like crazy, and using teleporters to transport the player would make aiming at the towers difficult.


I’m not a techy guy, but I know probably…

This is a really difficult topic to cover as it has a lot of difficult mechanics needed to implement, and we are just limited by knowledge, and definitely by devices.

Do you know people that could help?

I know @getrithekd, @Blackhole927, @ClicClac, @Apoll02, and yeah…

Anonymous could. (That’s his user, just don’t wanna ping him.)

And I’m trying to think, but I can’t think of anyone else.

Oh, okay… Gotta go offline, bye!

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Thanks so much, really appreciate it!

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Wait, I accidently clicked the Solution button, but unclicked it, will this close?

Nah, it’ll stay open.

A solution has to be marked for at least 3 hours then closed, so your in the clear.


Thanks! I’ll try and talk soon, so we’ll get to business.

Yeah, this is a complicated topic. Even giving props health and movement is a very tedious task. What you could do is try to make a cannon that could fire at designated targets!

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You can make a very large “property list” that holds and manages all the health of the Bloons/Troops using tons of calculations within blockcode; this method requires a large-scale complex contraption, and you will have to reimplement a different system than the one you have right now. (this method doesn’t work with props/barriers and uses text to display stuff)

Uh… 128 property limit? It’s still there, and you can’t replicate properties.

What about tower range? Sorry @ClicClac, but I think we can’t use that guide. I’ll test it though.

A property list using the text operators only requires 2 properties (different from the outdated lists) it uses an index property and a text placeholder which handles nodes.

Okay, for the range, I might use a property list thingy but different. Can’t really explain it, but thanks @teapot! You gave me an idea!