Help with this medieval house exterior

I’m making a decorative house in my huge CTF map for my medieval town square, could I have some feedback/help with it? Thanks!

Maybe add some windows

Ah yes I meant to do that, do you have a suggestion on how to do that?

add a flag on one of the sides, maybe some windows too? you could also create a medevil dragon that sits on top or smth using this guide.

(not me linking my own guide.)

Emojis or barriers prob

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Medical dragon?

What do you mean by a flag?

sorry, i meant medieval, mb.
@wadlDee use the flag prop, this is what i mean.
Screenshot 2024-03-02 3.56.49 PM
maybe just place it on the side of the house?

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Ohh yeah maybe. I might not be able to fit it though cause I just thought of a cool idea. I’m gonna see if I can pull off some sort of firewood storage like the main house has in Stardew Valley.

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Screenshot 2024-03-02 4.05.16 PM
Like this

Smurf house?

Armor Stand

add a tree or a bush, a flower bed or a campfire, maybe put down a well, add a lamp to the wall or chimaney to the roof

Add a pile of hay lying next to the house.