Help with the end game screen

Hi. This is my first post here. I’m new to this site and I’m fairly new to gimkit creative.

In my game, you win if you are the first person to press the button that ends the game. When my game ends, I want the screen when the game is over to say the name of the winner. I want it to say something like “Winner: (person’s name)”. Could someone please show me how to do this? If you could explain in detail step by step and include pictures, that would help.

Thank you!


there is an end game device when you go to the plus symbol. But you cannot change your end game screen unless Gimkit gives you permission

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Screenshot 2024-05-21 8.27.05 PM

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I think I’ve seen someone else do it before. In a hide and seek game I’ve played, they make it say the name of the last person remaining.

trust me though its gimpossible

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all i can think of, is using notification instead to use blockcode

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Did you know that the end of game widget device exists!?!?


@JohanGim they want the end game widget to show the winning player’s name

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Welcome to the forums @KittensAreCute13! Make sure to read the FAQ/TOS and you should have a great time in the GKC Forums!
I can’t currently add pictures but I’ll try to use details! :D
System Note: Tiny Bit of Block Code

  1. Devices: The button that makes players win, a end game device, a trigger, a property, and an end of game widget. The end of game widget is the device that shows extra stuff on the end screen.
  2. Wire the button to the trigger [button pressed → trigger trigger] and also to the end game device [button pressed → end game].
  3. Set the settings for the trigger like this: trigger by player collision is set to no.
  4. Click on the trigger and go to the blocks tab on the left. Then click on create new block for when trigger is triggered
  5. Get the set property block. get a text block, set to “winner”, and input it in the set property block. Then get a triggering player’s name block and input it into the value of the set property block.
  6. Set the end of game widget property being tracked to “winner”.
    That’s all!
  7. Set the property like so: type = text, name = “winner”.

yeah ik. that’s what I said to use -_-

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yeah the method you used is prob the best way…


its not gimpossible, it’s been done before.

check out this topic

its done automatically you can change in the settings what the score keeps count of and how many times have you seen a different end game screen like 1 well all the other creative’s games nobody has heard of changing your end game screen

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ClicClac did something for their kart racing game to show who won with what time, so it’s not impossible. Gimkit is Turing-complete, meaning the possibilities are almost endless.

Use the End-Game Widget.

eh maybe but from what I know I don’t think so

it’s called the end of game widget which I used above and it’s a pretty difficult device for beginners so that’s why no one uses it.
especially because most trending games are created by “beginners” of a certain age…

where are widgets? and what things can you do in it?

a device that can show extra stats and info at the end game screen