Help with Save file

Hi. I tried to read the save file guide, but I didn’t understand it at all. Can you please help?

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what did you have trouble with? please be more specific…

also, the guide’s creator specifically said:


What do you not understand?

The very very base mechanisms behind it are pretty simple: get a number, eject the number, return a number, and then process the number. But it can be tricky in practice.


How could I make that work for a fnaf map like ya have to finish the night before before unlocking the rest.

And I want to make it so I can have a leaderboard of money amounts my players have so they can buy upgrades in game that will always activate once bought.

Maybe even some saving team upgrades.

It’s a lot but if you could even help me with one part I would deeply appreciate it.

Btw if you have a solution mark it as solved please! (I don’t think hes gonna answer me)

Wait, are you asking for help here? Uh, alright, not your topic, but sure.

This isn’t really the place to talk about a fnaf game though, this is about the save file. Can you make your own help post so people can help you there?


I was going to but I wanted to know if it was worth asking…because you said in your guide its hard to explain.

The problem with the save file guide, (nothing against shdwy), is that save codes are very dependent on your game, so it’s difficult to make an all-encompassing guide on them. So, what are the specifics of your game, and what do you want to save, exactly?


Sorry, are we talking about the save file or are we talking about fnaf?

I think he’s talking about the save file in fnaf.
I discussed it in another post.

save file for fnaf…sorry for not specifying last night i was rushing through so many topics helping out people…

Ok. Like Apollo said, what are the specifics of what you’re trying to do?

Ok ill just make a post real quick…

Don’t make another one, just keep discussing it here…

this isn’t my post…it doesnt belong here it will just spam notify the creator…and make it harder for HIm to get his awnsers…

but is it the same problem?

I need help merging save file with my guide…Once i finish my guide Ill just ask Shdwy

Yes, you probably should make a new post because it’ll make it harder for the OP (Original Poster) to find an answer to his question.
Even if it is the same problem, you’re making FNAF and he’s making a (probably) different game.
Making a new post will allow both you and the OP to get all the answers you need without disrupting other people’s topics.


Ok, probably right…

OH MY GOsh did horses are awsome and Haisi both agree with me on something I assumed not knew would be better for the forum…:no_mouth: