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so i need a little help with this guide I have linked below, so I’m trying to use this timer when a vending machine item is purchased to show a 60 sec timer, so instead of a life cycle I used a trigger, when the item is purchased it triggers the pad, then the trigger, is connected to the reapter, and the repeater is connected to the overlay, with that same blockcode, but its stuck at one number, the timer is not ticking down…

Make an Overlay Timer Like Snowy Survival! Difficulty 1/10 or :blue_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

What is the timer for?
(also couldn’t you just do it using a counter, overlay, property, triggers, and vending machine?)

so its for when the item is purchased, I want a timer to count down from 60 seconds

And the vending machine is deactivated for 60 seconds

no vending machine doesnt deactivate, bc the players can buy it again…

Well then why is there a timer?
(NWM I think there might be a way using counters and properties)

so when the vending machine item is purchased, it activates the x2 damage boost for 1 min, and I wanted the timer to show how long there is left.

Ohh okay, let me see if there is something I can do

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this guide should help:

I got it, you are going to need 1x damage boost, 1x vending machine, 1x trigger, 1x counter, 1x overlay, 1x property.

Damage boost

Boost Amount: Whatever you want, Boost Duration: 1 min, Activate boost when receiving on: “ActivateDamageBoost”, and Deactivate boost when receiving on: “DeactivateDamageBoost”

Vending Machine

Purchase Action: Transmit on channel, Required item: Whatever, When item purchased, transmit on: “ActivateDamageBoost”, Visible in game: No.


When triggered transmit on: “Trigger45”, Trigger when receiving on: “Trigger45” , Trigger Delay: 1, Visible in game: No.


Starting value: 60, Visible in Game: No, Count Scope: Player, Update property: Yes, Property to update: “TImeDamage”, Target Number: 0


Text, Visible on game start: no, show overlay when receiving on: “ActivateDamageBoost”, Hide when receiving on: “DeactivateDamageBoost”
The block code should be when receiving on channel: “Trigger45”:


Property name: “TimeDamage”, Property Type: Number, Scope: Player.

WIres:Vending to trigger: Item purchased - Trigger, Trigger to counter: Triggered -decrement counter
(This took me so long to write, I also had to pay attention to my class)


bro almost made a whole mini-guide for this.


I’m marking it solution lol

Then actually mark it.

hold on, i think something is glitching

@Crimson_Knight so i noticed a bug/glitch dont know what to call it, so like I said earlier I want people to be able to buy it again, so if they buy it again, it will count down to the negatives to what I did is for the target value to be 0, and will reset on the channel (when target value reaches transmit > reset when receiving on), and it works kinda let me explain. So when they buy it the first time everything works fine, but when they buy it again the timer is moving faster and sometimes start actually at 60, don’t know whats going on.

You need to reset the counter
(Edit: let me check something)
OH I found out why, because the trigger keeps on triggering so make it deactivate on "
DeactivateDamageBoost" & activate on “ActivateDamageBoost”
Also reset the counter on “DeactivateDamageBoost”

so when i tested it it worked the first try, but then if I were to buy it again after the 1 min, it starts 1 or 0, and counts into the negatives

Yeah so deactivate the trigger and reset the counter
(I tested it and it works, the setting for the trigger and counter:

it works!!! im gonna mark solution, for real this time…

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