Help With Objectives and Ideas For a Team Based Shooter Game

Can yall give me some tips and advice to start a team based shooter, almost like call of duty.
Ideas -

  • Power Ups
  • What Weapons Should I Use
  • Upgrades

Anything Ideas and Suggestions Helps

Kinda a battle Royale?

@Cod_Zombies made a bunch of guides on them. How to make working Stamin-Up! Inspired by COD Zombies! [Difficulty 🟦] Perk A Colas V7
How to make all cod zombies perk props

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Yes something like that


Thanks for the guides

Oops. I thought u were talking to me.

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Its fine i was talking to both thanks for the resources

You’re welcome.

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can you tell me how you mark one

Ok so you see below a post a little check mark labeled, “Solution”? Click that and you are done.

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Okay thanks for the help

No problem, let me know if i can help you with anything else.

Thanks for mentioning me!

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