Help with my soccer game

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT it’s not a normal soccer game! In my game No fair play you can knock out your opponents and use power-ups to win (there are no rules apart from the ones set at the start by players), and I need ideas for 3 things

  1. power-ups
  2. maps
  3. rules

you could make it so you can find a secret portal/button to get x2 damage or speed

the zone sets off the trigger, the trigger makes a banner, the banner has 2 calls to action. if the player accepts the call, then they get a buff, the prop hides and the counter begins for how long you have that Power-up(in this case, speed). then when the timer runs out, your power is revoked(or put back to normal), and the prop unhides it’s self

and you could make it space or farm themed

Time to cook (Yes as in do amazing “cook” (specifically Coffee)):

Speed, Damage all that stuff. Specifaclly weapons that cost different money, and that are different raieties.
Echo VS Vortex
Bananananananana land (Too many "n"s and "a"s on purpose)
Blast each other for extra quarter points, but you have to make 10 goals collectivaly for this to happen
No weapon reload

Hehe, I got tired of Hot Chocolate and Golden Coco.


Coffee of the cup

I would give you a like, but I used them a withen being on the forums for an hour.

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that would be awsome

I thought you were cooking with how long it took to make this, that is perfect for my game! (you made me!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? one question, WHY!)

I’m kinda confused but ok

My name is Coffee; he makes coffee, so he makes more of me than are drank by him! (thanks @Captain-Gim for sparing me)

ok my bad

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Just make a football map (it is football not soccer) and you can make a speed power-up trigger by using a speed booster and a counter system to deactivate the system making the counter with this:

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