Help with my RPG map

In my map, the world is covered in vines, and you are supposed to deafeat all of them (there’s more lore that goes with this) but how would I make it, so when the vine is touched, the player either dies, or takes damage.

Place a Zone around the Vine and wire it to either the Respawn Device or an Invisible Laser (to make it invisible, make the laser beam black and disable showing the start and end point.)

(Zone) Player Enters Zone --> (Respawn) Respawn Player


(Zone) Player Enters Zone --> (Laser Beam) Activate Laser

(Zone) Player Leaves Zone --> (Laser Beam) Deactivate Laser

If you want to make it random, connect the zone to a trigger (Zone) Player Enters Zone --> (Trigger) Trigger and use a randomizer for the blockcode that broadcast a message on channel to either respawn the player or activate the laser beam.

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