Help with my first published map

How can you make a change to a gimkit map that you just published

Just change it. Then go to publish and save changes.


you can’t update the map until it has 500 plays. Its always free and doesn’t cost gimbucks. And do what @The_7th_Dragon said.


Really? I didn’t know that.
That sounds promising…
Oh, hey @The_7th_Dragon. Haven’t seen you in a bit.
I know your bio said you aren’t gonna be active a lot, but it’s still surprising


really? I never knew that-

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Yeah you can just change it. Then click publish and then scroll down and save changes. It’s a big blue button

yeah i personaly have never published a game because i still need help with a bit of the code. but gimsolver told me that.

What game are you publishing?
What kind of game is it?

I know I'm not good at blockcoding but I might know how to help....

Also, let me go change my bio real quick!

The Og among us i was getting help from @awesomeT43 but he sort of just went afk, so i might ask BH or getrithekd. Oh that would be fine with me.

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I might be able to help.
What are you trying to do?

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well to make the map as original as the real one, so everything should be close. but can you look at this post?

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You can update the map before you get 500 plays… Who told you that?

Edit: just saw that gimsolver did.

yeah i guess that was a lie…

What are you implying, @WolfTechnology?

that gimsolver told me a lie to get 500 plays on his map.

But, that’s—I don’t know what to say…
Um, I don’t know why he’d do that…

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Neither but we are off-topic, so lets stop.

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I asked gimsolver on the discord and he said that he set a goal to update it once he got 500 plays, not that it was gimkit’s limit.

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never told any one that…

I never left, I just couldn’t contact you since you left padlet.