Help With My Baldi's Basics Game

I have more questions about making my Baldi’s Basics game. I have added a sentry that talks but I don’t know how to allow a player to respond. Like, this:

We all know that in order to answer, we need a button. I’ve used the (:orange_square:) How to make a talking and trading sentry guide, but it doesn’t give any information on how to make responses.

Also, if I do figure out how to do this, how do you make it so that when a certain response is clicked, it teleports them to somewhere?


Add Call to Actions in the Popup! They can do all of this and more!


Or add a live game feed! I don’t know why anyone would do that though. Have two call to actions one broadcasts a channel and teleports you to a teleportal.


Alright, I will test this out.

Make sure to mark a solution.

OK, it worked, but how do you make it so that when you choose a certain call-to-action, it opens another.

OH wait, nevermind. Thanks!

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Your welcome but all I said was to mark a solution

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