Help with my amazing digital circus map pls

i need help amazing digital circus map pls.

I would ask in the discord.

i don’t have discord

you could make hidden doors:

@boom Could you be more specific?

In what way?

in genaral i need help building it

We can’t help you build stuff on this site.

can i send a link to the game?

on a different website you can

I would link the Wix, but externals aren’t allowed.
Search up the Gimkit Wix.


I mean- I don’t think you’re supposed to link that.

i’m there and created an acount

You’re allowed, look how many times it has been shared.

Huh. I thought you weren’t allowed to.

@boom I am avalible at 12pm CSt if you can give me the code on the wix at that time I will help you.

i can’t chat on the wix tho

I’ve seen this around a lot but please someone, what is the amazing digital circus?

it’s a dark comidy that people that got stuck in a digital circus and cannot escape so they go cray cray

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