Help with many vehicles (especially military)

gud point, homie! :+1:

@here we should definitely get back on topic

Darn school tech guy. I have a bad relationship with him too.

so I used @BOB2 's guide and the images are very pixelated near the bottom with all the materials

my school just got a new one and he’s banning anything that ends in .cc, .io, .gov

those 2 1st things u said are understandable. but .gov? what?? that’s literally EDUCATIONAL. o right on topic. yall wanna go into my gkc and help me out?

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.gov websites are educational and made BY the GOVERNMENT :skull:

yea, banning .gov is CRINGEWORTHY

so wanna come with me in my gkc to help me out with the humvee? don’t go looking in the discovery, it’s not even close to being published yet

i’ll take that as a “no”

I use it ALL THE TIME when I have to do research.

ditto, homie! bro we need to do a peaceful protest for every school in the US (or at least ohio, where i reside in)

yo literally everything is risky here
anyways, cant you like look at pictures of military vehicles and then make it?

i can try. not gud at making vehicles but i’ll do wut i can


well, i kinda need pictures too lol

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seems gud. i’ll keep this tab open and my gkc on another

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