Help with Knockout Granting items only for a Team

How do i make it so only team 1 can drop an item when they’re in knockout?

Example: There’s someone in Team 1, and i knocked them out. When i knocked them out, i get a Legendary Snowball Launcher. But if Team 1 knocks out a person in Team 2, they won’t get a item.

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Make a lifecycle (game start) → relay (team 1) and hook the relay up to whatever is dropping the item

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I don’t get that…

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You want the team to drop the item? or just grant it into inventory?

The team drops the item when they get knocked out.

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Place down a lifecycle.

Wire the Lifecycle → Trigger.

Create block code for the trigger:

If triggering player’s team number = “[insertteamnumberhere]” then

broadcast message on channel “dropitem”

Item granter that grants item when receiving channel “dropitem”

that’s for granting into inventory.

Well i want it to drop the item in knockout, not in granting it into inventory.


Oh okay.

For the knockout manager, set Active on game start to “no.”

Place down a lifecycle (no setting) change and wire it to a relay.

The relay should relay to all players on team 1.

Now, wire the relay to the knockout manager.

Make the active scope “player or team”.

Now, set it so that they drop a legendary snowball launcher.

@mysz is right, but if you are still struggling, do this with a trigger or wire repeater to only let people that are on team 1 drop.

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@Anythinger this isn’t resolved. Any of the soulutions didn’t work.

Okay, you should state that so others know and can work forward. Did you try what @mysz said here:

Mysz did. However, he tested out my game (in gimcourse) for that but it didn’t work somehow.

Did you try to debug or rebuild it?

we’ll there is a way i figured out how to do it, but your players would have to have only one item slot.

You should just be able to use lifecycle+relay for team 1+K.O manager with scope for team…

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It worked for me.

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Is this resolved yet?

No, the knockout appears to everyone, not 1.

i think i found a way to do this