Help with island point capture art

yes i will show you give me a second…

again i dont need ideas i need how to make the island itself with terrain

If so use layers to make props look like they are getting higher. Like so.


Nice pyramid, @WolfTechnology !

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layering, the terrain and props need layering to make it realistic, so it depends on what you are neededing what to look like what.

ok, but you can still switch between layers, and layer props and terrains

Ok im having trouble showing you (which is why i need help) but make it like a mountain…at the highest part is flat and around it slopes down until it is slightly above the water like @cheesebox had it.

Use props, terrain can only go 5 layers tall, so by using props and having the layer"under" the player, you can wlak ontop of the props so that it will look like you are on the mountain.

No i have tried doing it what i need is a min-guide or image of how(not trying to be mean but i need a more visual help)

Once GKC updates to DLD mode, you can make an actual mountain that you can climb.

no i mean terrain as floor that with layers is slightly higher than other parts.

ok, look at this.

I can walk on it and it is layered to look like a stair.

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yes that helps but what i mean is i want help on how and what props go together to make the entire island…(even a small tiny one and i can expand from there) i just need where it looks more 3d and the props go together to make it look like a island if that makes sense…if i could do it myself I would not have made this and added clutter (honestly I have tried a lot to do it myself)

I understand if it would take time i have patience.

ok, you can use my guide on a palm tree that looks 3D.

Then you can use water on layer 2 and sand on layer 1, this is so the water looks like waves rushing on a beach. Then use sand as layer 2 then 3 were the sand meets grass so it looks like a hill. Then use grass on layer 3 with "alien plant as the grass that is tall. Then make a forest out of trees that are big and small and add bushes and flowers to add some color to the forest. Then to make the mountain use stone walls and rock props and layer them to make inclines and add snow for height simulation.

It won’t take practice, just time, that is what art is, not much more than time and talent, so if you need help with an example of what i said, let me know i can do a prototype.

So would it be better to mark solution and in a month or so if I am still having trouble ask for help? or wait and see if someone will show me how to do it?

It would be better to mark a solution now and make a new post later, it will reduce clutter. Unless you need help rn.

Ill try and in a febuary if i still need help ill ask…

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