Help with forest Battle Royale game mechanics

Psuedo Health

I need help with how to display Psuedo Health so I can work on a spell casting game mechanic. Basically you have regenerating mana to cast spells to damage other players through pseudo health.


I also need help with how to make a player’s in game name appear in a notification if they do an action in game (like pressing a button.)

Changing Item regen speed for specific actions

And lastly, I need help with changing the speed the player regenerates mana once they pick up a specific book that gives them a power-up.


1: I’m assuming your pseudo health system uses a number property. If so, use the set text- set property- get property _ blocks in a game overlay. Connect the property device of the health property to the overlay to open it. This will make it so when the property changes, it will update the overlay.

2: In a trigger, make the blockcode, “set property _ value (triggering player’s name.” Then, you can use the “get property _” block in a notification device.


When I create a block for the game overlay it says to activate when receiving on a channel. What should I put for that. (Like a game start channel for example)

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  1. Notifications are weird. You should probably do lifecycle → relay (all) → trigger [set property (Triggering players name)] → notification (send to Triggering player only)[send notification (get property)]. The property should be Text and player scoped.

Probably use a game start channel then, I assume your health system is there at the start of the game.


For most of these problems, you can just use text blocks.


As for #3, can you clarify what item regen speed is?


How many seconds it takes to receive a specific amount of items.

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  1. Trigger → trigger. The first trigger should check if X is less than the limit. If so, add (z + get property f) to X, and trigger the other trigger. If not, just trigger the other trigger. Property F should connect to an IIM, and be a player scoped number property.

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I have one last thing to ask, is there a way you can damage people through Pseudo Health only if they are in “range” of the player trying to cast a spell?

  1. i suggest you use activty feeds instead of notifications. keep the notifications for other more important events.

(for ur last question) perhaps make a coordinate zone to track the player’s location and set up the “range”?

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I don’t get how you open the overlay. What is the wiring? (Like how do you open it?)

It’s the show overlay wiring.

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I tried the wiring of property value changed → show overlay and it doesn’t appear.

What system or guide are you using for your pseudo health?

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@NavyCatZ I was using part of this guide:

If each class is a different team, all you need is a tag zone that activates for that spell and deactivates when it’s done.

It is a free for all game.


Coordinate system then.