Help with ending

this is a repost (sorry if im violating tos) because nobody is answering on my original post :confused: i need it so “When all players on team 1 die, end the game”


But instead of zones, use relays
Lifecycle → Relay(Team 1) → Counter(Updates “NumTeam1”)
Lifecycle(Player Knocked Out) → Counter(Decrement, Updates “Left”)
When “Left” is changed, broadcast on CHANGE
Block in a Trigger that receives on CHANGE
If Left = NumTeam1
Do: Broadcast on END
End Game ends on END

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i already saw and tried this guide 3 times, it’s very unclear

Does that help? And yeah, that was one of my first guides, not the best @ethannathebanana

im still a bit confused, can you explain what “updates NumTeam1” is? i cant find that setting

It is the property in the counter (I belive).

NumTeam1 and Left are properties that the Counter updates @ethannathebanana