Help with Death Ball (based) map

I am making a death ball map and I want to make card packs so how would i make it random for a player.Another thing I don’t know how to do is make it so that somebody can only click a button once.Please help me with this Thanks!

I know how to do the second thing. You have to make the button send out a signal and then under the deactivate button in the button menu make it deactivate when it gets the signal it sent out.

Does that make sense? lol

Also I wouldn’t call your game Death Ball because that’s from Roblox and games need to be original. DeathGim or GimBall would probably work though.

It is not called death ball it is Blaster Ball because the players will use blasters

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Oh ok I was confused by the title.

that’s fine i’m gonna try to make it as original as possible only using a few in game mechanics

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Button Pressed ----> WIre Repeater
Wire Repeated —> Deactivate button

I understand this but other people will also need to press the button too.will it still work?

make the button player scoped.

No I don’t think it would. Listen to @GimSolver lol

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