Help with custom sections [Resolved]

i saw something on how to do this but i cant find it again and im confused, what are the name and link for

edit: nvm i get what that’s for but it said link was invalid format. help still confused

To make a new custom section, you can click on the edit icon next to the personal header…

… and then add another subsection by using the ‘add another link’ button.

When making a link that originates from this website, you can ignore the domain name and just type in a link to the specific page on the site you want to make a shortcut for (so instead of typing in you can just type /u/Here_to_help) - when you do make a new section, though, it will add a new button on the left side of the screen that you can use to quickly access a certain page.


So, external links do work

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i tried typing but it said invalid format

new profile pic?

and, that’s weird. idk why it’s not working

ohh just saw that thx i needed to know how to type internal links

yes new pic like 5 secs ago

you could type /badges

thanks that worked yay!

Right - sorry, I meant to say that shortening the link only works for links that are part of this website. I’ll change that to clarify ( ._.)

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well i learned about this today and i was confused and thx for all of you being so kind and helpful

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off topic i know, but do you like the new or old pic better

hmmm… the new one because i like green

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wait what is the symbol for users i want it on one of my categories

“user” or “user-plus” or “user-cog” or etc.

thx, it wouldn’t let me scroll below smile for some reason

hold on quickly what is the users page for?

ranking/leaderboard on who’s received most likes, etc

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ohhhhh, but is it in order?

it’s in order from most to least, or least to most