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I’m making a character choosing room for a battle royale type game where everyone has to choose their character. After everyone chooses the game starts and they teleport out. How do I do the everyone chooses and the teleport out game?

You could make it so that when they hit the character they want, then they press start, it could send a channel broadcast to teleport them to the specific teleporter based on the character

Just a thought :smiley:

You could modify the first part of my voting guide to select the character.

What I need is how to make everyone teleport at the same time once everyone has chosen.

just use buttons that are wired to teleporters, and have item granters, and speed modifiers, etc wire to the teleporter, make sure the wire for the teleporter to the granter funtions is “when telepotered”.

This is what I need

have it be a “global” function, on teh button, not “player”

What do you mean?

Let me pull up a creative map and get you some screen shots, it may help you understand more.

Thank you so much!!!

Ok so when you place a button, have its scope be global, it will make the wired function happen for all the players in game so if you have it wired to a bunch of teleporters it will teleport all players in the game to those teleporters after one press.

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But I don’t want each player to teleport seperatly. I want all of them to teleport once everyone has chosen their character.

then you will heed to have a player counter and have it reach when all players have there abilities that a button will apear. When that button is click it will automaticall teleport all players at once.

How do you make the counter increase for each player joined?

Use this guide, it will explain that.

Thank you @WolfTechnology

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Your Welcome, let me know if you need anything else!

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@WolfTechnology can you check the Collab Padlet?

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