Help With Barrier Thing

How do you make it so that only one team can see a barrier that is blocking their path?


Make the barrier team- scoped

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Set the barrier to deactivate on game start. Then set scope to team. Then activate it for one of the teams through overlays buttons or the like.

On game start: run a check with a checker that checks the team number and when the check passses it shows the barrier.

Please Mark solution.

Geez, give the user a minute. They have to try all of these first.

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No don’t

So many replies! I Already tried wiring a lifecycle to a relay that is set to All Players on Specific Team(Team 60, but it doesn’t work). The barrier is team scoped.

Using a zone, checker, and the barrier may work.
Player enters the zone–runs check—deactivate barrier if it passes.

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Or use this:
Use Option A

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Yeah, but instead of using an overlay, I want to use a lifecycle.

Oooh I know, maybe I should make it so that Team 60 gets an item on game start and the checker checks for that item.

Yes, you should do that. That seems easiest.

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