Help with a random glass pairs

Okay, I am trying to make a system where when a player jumps on one of the glass (just some barriers) pairs (one is slightly on top of the other to tell them apart), a system picks a number 1 or 2 or something like that and it and it either breaks (disables the barrier) or it doesn’t (and the other one will break when a player steps on it)

(I do have some experience with blocks and I am making it in the platformer style btw)

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)
This is a randomizer

Wouldn’t you use properties instead?

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Why? The randomizer uses a varaible, as it’s less memory.

isn’t it the same thing tho?

(not trying to start an argument) I usually use properties so it can be global or if i need to use it in another trigger

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I just use varibles.

I’m not going to argue, it’s opinions.

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