Help with a quest system

So I am making a quest where to proceed, you need every player on a certain point, and I was wondering how to do that (P.S. I have a live player counter, if that helps)

I would edit the title to change the no current guides thing, but Im only TL2 Thanks whoever changed the title.

this is a better guide

Use the player counter to know how many players you have.

Have the point be a zone. When a player enters the zone, increment a counter. When the player leaves, decrement it. Set the counter to update a property. Set the property to transmit on a channel when it updates. Have the channel trigger a trigger that compares the number of players in the zone to the current number of players. If they are equal, the quest is complete.


I have used this before (ghost in the graveyard type game) and can confirm it works :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks!
(how would I make that? I just would like a picture to better understand it)

Do you mean a picture of the blocks?

I don’t have a picture of any of that.

I guess, I understand it, but don’t know how to make the blocks to register the amount of players and compare it to a property

There’s the blocks. The counting players in the zone is a counter.

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If you have a live player counter, then that part is already done

and that is in the property or the counter (Sorry, just making sure I do it correctly)

It needs to be a separate device (i used triggers, i think)

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The counter is linked to a property.

When the property updates, put in a channel that goes to a trigger

This block code is in that trigger.

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