Help with a doors hide entity like system

So if you don’t know who or what hide is, he is from the game doors, he only appears after hiding in a closet or under a bed for too long, and I need a little help implementing that into my tag game, so people can’t just camp lockers all game

so like in tag domination the thing that kicks people out of the base?

When you stay under a bed/closet for too long doesn’t it kill you?

yes, just like that, but for lockers and with a visual that tells you when it is about to knock you

no, it deal about 1/3 of your health bar, but for the purposes of mine, it does

game overlay timer that appears when you enter the locker and stops when you leave also respawns you when the timer runs out u cant take away health unless its pseudo health

Ok just asking. I can’t help with your question because I’m a noob :cat:

So you have your locker, right?
You want to have a player scoped property called LockerTimer, or whatever you want to call it.

You make it so when you receive on enter vent or whatever you broadcast when you enter a vent (you can also use a wire from each vent), it sets a player scoped property called InLocker to true. This property broadcasts to a trigger when it updates. This trigger increases the property LockerTimer by 1, and if it’s greater than X, you kick the player out. The trigger has a 1 second delay. Put all of this into if InLocker = True statement. Then when you exit the locker, set InLocker to false.

Go back to your if loop, change it to a if, else.
In the else: do, set LockerTimer to whatever the default time to kick the player out is.


You could make a sentry appear. Then the player will flee. When they leave the zone that is the “not allowed” zone, it can disappear.

The issue they’re having is stopping the player from camping in the lockers, not with the actual hiding. They want a timer before the player gets kicked out…

Yeah, so have a timer before the sentry appears.

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