Help with a bad guy mystery game (have to change the names because of auto mod, should be obvious what I'm saying)

I am trying to make a bad guy mystery and I need help doing these things:

  1. Make it so 3 players are sorted into teams (1 is put on team 2, one is put on team 3, one is put on team 4, other stays team 1). Also make it so only 1 person can be on those teams.
  2. Make it so when the bad guy (team 2) is elimated, the game ends.
    Also I may ask other questions sometime in the future.

For #1, set it so that all players are on team 1. Get a wire repeater, and then set its delay to 0.5. Connect the wire repeater to lifecycle that activates on game start, on event → repeat pulse. Then get three relays, each going to a random player. Finally get three team switchers, one to team 2, another to team 3, and a third to team 4. Wire the relays to the wire repeater, and then wire each relay to its respective relay, relayed → switch to team.
Use this guide for #2:

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Can i also use relays so when its relayed I can send them a message using a popup?

Notifications would be better, but yes, you could. Wire the relay to a popup/notif relayed → open popup/send notif

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Wait, you mean a murder mystery, right?

Please mark a solution when you have found one!

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yes i do (random text so i can post this)

Only do letters in these characters <> to hide extra characters. Using this trick, I can post this:


I need help with something. Is it possible to make it so only 1 team can pick up an item? I want to make it so team 4 is a team that helps the bad guy, buy being the only person able to pick up bait (intended to mark elimated spots)

also remember, im tryna make it so every team but team 4 cannot pick up items

have an inventory item manager for the bait to make sure the max they can hold is 0,
then deactivate this manager when you switch to team 4

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I have another question, i want to make it so when team 4 closes their pop up (every role gets one) It tells them who is on team 2. is this possible? (only one person will be on team 2)

relay a channel to everyone on team 2, and a trigger receives the channel. The blocks in the trigger should make a text property the player’s name. Wait for pictures. . .

nvm I have a better way:

notification: (defaul settings)
in the blocks when receiving on who’s on team2: