Help we need help to make a new character! Any ideas? - Super Battle Bros. Team resolved Dinky bonk some changes will be made

The character cannot be a copy of an official but can be a spin off. Say what the character name is their weapon, their secondary weapon or special ability, and if they are spun off the name of the original. - super battle bros. team

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Gelza (Zelda), Wooden Wand, and Quantum Portal. I think I played your game before and you had all the N64 fighters. Let’s do Melee fighters so characters are in order.

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Hello, Super Battle Bros devs! I would love to have a character for the game! Remember I made this idea myself. The name - Invasive, Weapon - Rare Wooden Stick. I hope it’s added!

Any other ideas? Feel free to share!

Do you guys have Bowser yet?

can you change the name to ultra battle brothers so it will be less noticable
add a OP melee character if you don’t already have one
so it levels out

Martha, Falco, and Sheik are pretty good fighters!

It is coming soon thank you

hahaha martha
was that autocorrect
I main Cloud
and sometimes Ken


Yes, I meant Marth :sob: :sob:. I main Solid Snake. I mainly play Brawl on the Wii.

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Maybe you could make (If this isn’t already made) Richter, or maybe Ridley (Rikter and Ridlaa)

Weapon: Slingshot
Special Ability: Vampire Ward: Slow All Players Around Him For A Short Time

Weapon: Evil Eye
Special Ability: Space Pirate Rush: Get x4 Speed For .3 Seconds, Like A Dash

Make a werewolf who if you get too close too causes the player to take damage, this might be hard to code though. Have it have no long range attacks

How about Johnathan instead
it’s another character from the series, but it probably would be less known

What about Ganondork (New Name: Granola Bar).

Granola Bar:
Weapon: Quantum Portal but slower.
Special Ability: Wooden Wand: But a little more powerful.

Awesome idea, instead of Cloud, we could have Cumulus
it would be perfect spin off

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It’s creative! Gimkit Creative

What about Diddy Kong? (Dinky Kong Jr.) I was listening to Stickerbrush Symphony and he came to mind.

Dinky Kong Jr:
Weapon: Zapper.
Special Ability: P.M.L but a little bit faster.

How bout dinky d ong instead
I’m trying to keep it as off brand as I can, we dont want to get sued

His last name might be a problem, so maybe not.