Help we need help to make a new character! Any ideas? - Super Battle Bros. Team resolved Dinky bonk some changes will be made

dinky flong
final answer

much better!

wait how is this art?
im confused

Oh! I didn’t realize this was art. My mind was elsewhere. Remember to change it to help!

Occ from the Bintendo Bcc console’s Occ Channel. (Mii Gunner) Use Stache with Quantum Portal.

Wii - Bcc
Mii - Occ (for Original Character)

so much occ and bcc :dizzy_face:. Great Idea! Mii Gunner!

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Mii Brawler a.k.a Occ The Second.

Mii Swordfigher a.k.a Occ the Third.

Occ Shooter, Occ Swiper, Occ Slicer

Also the Bintendo Bcc was released by some random dude at Bintendo, when it was supposed to be released as the Nintendo Uss two months later. The company grew to like the name, but fired the guy who leased it because he leaked a concept.

Bcc for B.lind Carbon Copy in the lore above, and Occ to be an original character with cc at the end of its name.

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Dark Armpits (Dark Pit)
Primary Weapon: Pickaxe (Epic)
Secondary Weapon: Evil Eye (Legendary)

scratchblack, quantum portal and a speed boost

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