Help pls (involves spawning item) [resolved]

is there a way to spawn an item for players to pick up(like an item spawner) only if a trigger is triggered

Nope. You can workaround, but there is no real “item spawner” method.

you could put a barrier that is deactivated by a trigger. that would be a workaround

Oh. I guess I’m getting worse at gimkit…

technically, you were right, so…

I saw this question and instantly realized it wasn’t my specialty so I noped out lol

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what do you mean a barrier, i dont understand

Look in the device menu. There should be a device called barrier.

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(I know my name is leaked)

You can wire a Trigger connected to an Item Granter. Look at these screenshots:

No barrier necessary. Also Item Granters automatically disappear in-game, so there will just be a trigger.

Then put an item spawner inside of an invisible barrier so you can’t access it, and BOOM!

You could place the item spawner below a prop and make a trigger, then, wire the trigger to prop (when triggered > hide prop)

Like i want the player to walk over the ground and then it spawns below them so no barriers, is there another way?

Can you give me the scenario? Like, where is this in your game?

So someone presses a button overlay, then an item spawns beside them

Does the item spawn above, below, or which side? Above would probably be the easiest.

What do you mean above or below

Above or below the button

Its a button overlay

So, you want to have an item spawn in next to the player when they press a game overlay button?