Help Please! Is there any way to group objects in Gimkit?

I need help to group objects in gimkit for a game I’m making. Is there any way to group objects? Please Help!

Wdym??? You can rename them…but…idk what you mean

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You can click and drag to select multiple at once to copy or move. Other than that, I don’t think so.

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Can you explain more?

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Grouping is not currently possible in Gimkit

I don’t mean renaming them. I mean grouping them together.

As in you control them at the same time or they combine together? What is grouping in this case?

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you can drag your curser and copy or move it and it will move then all at once.

I think it’s like scratch where you group parts of a sprite together

Ok, that’s what I thought.

I literally just said that.
[post edited to not be sarcastic]

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I am a bit lost, do you mean copy props at once, or make props appear or disappear at once? You can do all that via wires and channels, or dragging your cursor and copying it.

I know, but I said it because i did.
Not to sound rude, because that does.

I got you. If you click and hold your mouse you can drag it around anything Other than terrain to group move or copy them!

[They won’t tell us what it means.]

What does that mean?

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Me and @CassiusDoomlorde just said that.

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like everyone else said

That I said what I wanted to even though it has already been said.
[edit: that also sounds rude, sorry.]

well if thats the case them maybe the talking like how you can in Roblox? like how to can create groups of models? If so than you cannot.

you can do that too, i make some games on roblox, and i know a decent chunk of the abilities you can do. And you can custom create a prop, and then copy it and edit and animate it to do what it was made for. If thats what you are trying to say.