Help Please! Is there any way to group objects in Gimkit?

but not in gimkit, right?

No, but you can do

in gimkit, it is mostly what i do. And it takes time.

but that’s just combining other shapes, not creating it for real

Other shapes make other shapes, and those shapes make things. And yes nothing starts as one piece, which is why art is harder than it looks, take a wooden pole, just a pole, but if you add 2 more, and tilt then you get a triangle and 2 triangles make a square or dimond and a square makes a table and a dimond makes a kite. It all stacks up, from nothing to something. Thats just a 3D eye.


@CassiusDoomlorde i have a suggestion, that you might want to consider.


You can collab on a guide, and one that is not made yet is devices and art, the difference and similarities, as well as what you need to be good at each, tips for how to and what you must know. And I am the best, most well known designer, and you are a up andcomer for the forum in code, so if we collab on a guide we can make it real good and well. So what do you say?

Meet me in the Flagship in 10 minutes.

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Like grouping props together, @CassiusDoomlorde

No, you cannot link them and their settings together. You can only click and drag to select them and then copy or move them.

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