Help On Spectating

I’m trying to make a Simon says game, but when ever the player dies they go into spectating (I want that to happen), but then once the game end the player is still spectating somebody while in a new match or pre-game. The only way for them to exit this spectating is to rejoin, please help me.

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Ive had that glitch you have to refresh the tab

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What you need: 1 lifecycle, 1 team switcher, wires.
Put down a lifecycle and switch the “Event” to player knocked out.

Then, place down a team switcher and switch “switch strategy” to specific team, then change “team” to spectators. Place down some wires and turn on “when event occurs” and “switch player to configured team”

I have the lifecycle down.

I have also tried this, even whenever I make a new game it still happens.

Instead of life cycle try a knockout manager, if that doesn’t work: Did you turn on the options when you placed down your wire??

Hmm i dont remember how i solved it

Can you show me the settings for your devices and wires???

I think it’s not working because you have both channels and wires. So, try removing the wires, or the channels.

You only need one. (Channel or wires)

Also, do you have multiple sets of the Knock Out manager and team switcher?

This might help. (Also @Crimson_Knight they want to stay spectating even after the game ends.)

Knockout manager is only so they drop an item

Is that even possible???

I want to get out of spectating after the game.

Well then it should already work.

Only having wires still does not work

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