Help me with this

so I’m making a RPG game and I want to make it so you can pick normal or nightmare mode (nightmare mode is just where you oof once you stay dead like mc hardcore) can anyone please help me?

EDIT :arrow_down:

What exactly is the problem, though?

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When nightmare mode button is clicked, set it to activate lifecycle (player knocked out) which is wired to a team switcher that switches to spectator.


i want players to choose what GAMEMODE (nightmare or normal) I want a timer and it changes the game mode on what most is voted for

tried that it didn’t work

let me try it again rq

nope didn’t work oof

Oh wait…
In that case, get a counter and wire it to the button, button pressed → increment counter. Then deactivate button for player. Make the deactivation scope player!

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what do you mean I don’t get it

What don’t you get?

this part Idk what it means

Go to scope, or all, and find “Deactivation scope”. set it to player


ok let me try that rq

how do I deactivate it for the player? I make the scope

So basically, you want players to vote for a gamemode in the beginning, and then have it activate for all players?

I go in more detail in this

just search for voting systems then

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so. what part of the system have you made so far (ex. voting) or have you made nothing at all yet?

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nothing but I do have a prototype that ti made

I made the other vertion better