Help me With a way to score

I need a way to have a knockout score ! Help!

could you be more specific?

Every Time a Sentry is knocked out the score goes up and at the end of the game the points are in a total.

is the game cooperative?

Have a knockout manager, and set it to: player knocked out-------> increment counter to have a number of kills and IDK how but put that in the leader board?

Yes It Kind of is but better of single player

bruh… sentry…

oh in that case set it to sentry knocked out----------> increment counter and connect it to the leaderboard.

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but the score is for everyone?
I don’t understand…

:disappointed_relieved: sheees i am really dumb aren’t I

basically this… but I am not sure about the scope

yerp It Will be when they play

No, you just don’t have as much experience with devices.

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no I was talking to sir_lancelot

my bad @chrysostom im sorry

then just do what sir_lancelot said but make the game “cooperative” in map options witch is in settings

But it’s all to help him for his topic, so he can reply to it…

its all right, Mark sir_lancelot’s solution if it helped

  • Place down a property and name it Knockouts.
  • Use a knockout manager. Wire it to a counter. Player knocks out < increment counter.
  • Now, in the counter, go to the Property section and select “Yes,” so that it updates the property, Knockouts.
  • Now in your game settings, so to the game options, and go to the scoring option. Select Number of Property, and type in the property. Knockouts.
  • Now when a player gets knocked out, it is the score!

Did you read half of the posts? he wants to do sentry knockouts. Whoop, that sounded harsh.