Help me With a way to score

btw how does it go to the end of the game

Now thats another way to go, but I think the other way is easier…
(the one with just a lifecycle)

If you want it to give you +1 per sentry knocked out you can make it so when the sentry is knocked out it transmits on channel sentry and make a relay set to everybody and make it relay when receiving on channel sentry and then wire it to a counter and then make it update property sentry’s knocked out and then place a property device and make it a number property and make it sentry’s knocked out and then make the leaderboard track property and make it track sentry’s knocked out. I can show you what I mean with pictures if you want. Like @chrysostom said, set it to global

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you need to make a property!
set it to global,
default value: 0
and set it to number
Property name: just put in a name
and set the game score to that name

Actually both work, because "player knocks out "tracks sentries too, (i think)

No, because you need to make it player scoped, and a lifecycle doesn’t do that.
Also, knockouts can only be properties, and lifecycles can be triggered multiple times.

he wanted the score to be a total of everyone’s kills

So this is what i need to do to have score up at the end of the game

That is what you need to do if you want the score to show up the end

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It will be players kills now my bad for not telling

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Oh, then make the knockout manager listen for sentry knockouts.

(post deleted by author because California_Love said it better)

I was basically saying that but I am totally disorganized, I was just trying to do text but that was WAY to confusing lol

Mine is separate, because players can have their own scores. It is player scoped.
If you want it to be teams, make the knockout manager team-scoped and the type of game to teams.
If it’s collective, set the game to cooperative and set the scope to global

I honestly don’t know what he wanted but yeah, you explained it well

I mean he said “players”,no apostrophe, so I thought he meant all of the players kills, not one player’s kills

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