Help Me Please. (Read Desc.)

How do you make it so that when you press a button it teleports you there, and another button appears to go back, but once you press the second button, the first button reappears?

This is confusing me ridiculously.

(Am I having an ID10T error or not?)

Do you know how to make the buttons teleport you yet?
Are you using wires or channels?

yes.I do.

(Extra words go here)

Please send me a picture of how to do it.


Oh so are you okay with still being able to see the button but not being able to activate it? It doesn’t seem like there is anyway to make it disappear.

No I want this:

The button is there.
I press the button, the previous button fades, and the return one is there.
Yet when I press it, I want the first button to reappear and this one to be gone, yet this one is still there.

I want the first button to reappear when I press the second button.

could you maybe send a guide on how to do this?

Hey there! I noticed you mentioned @GimAI in your message, but it seems you didn’t include any specific commands or requests. It appears that you’re interested in a system for a teleporting button. If that’s the case, I’d be more than happy to create a tutorial to guide you through the process. Just let me know if you’d like me to proceed with that!

I figured it out. Let me get the pictures:

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Phew!Thank you for going through the work of doing this!

Place a wire repeater. Connect the first pop-up button to it. There isn’t any choice for settings, so I won’t post a picture for it. Then, connect the wire repeater to the first pop-up button so the pop-up button gets hidden when the wire repeater receives the signal from it.

Check the code sharing site for a moment