Help me decide guys

What should one of my guides be about??
I really need some ideas, I’m bored and I can’t really think about what I should do.

Look at the ideas guides. Just go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the search bar, then type ideas. and they will come up. Here is a few for you to look at.

There are many more, here are just a few.


you should make a guide about an interactive pyramid with traps, sentries (ozi) & more!


Nice thinking, speaking of thinking, I think I’ll do that.

the problem about asking for ideas for guides is anything simple is likely to get flagged and if anyone has a more complicated idea they will want to post it themselves also this forum is for gimkit creative I get that you are desperate to make a guide but wait. if someone has a help post where there is no guide answering it or you made something complicated like a board game then post it we have too many duplicate guides here


Welcome to the forums @speedingVortex.

Thank you, it’s been what, 2 days now I’m here?

Yeah but I just looked through the entire help section, there’s not a single one that was unsolved.

be patient we don’t need more guides we need better guides
if we have a solid guide idea we are going to make it already

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I personally agree with @Foxy about better guides, but here’s some that I intend to make eventually unless someone makes it first:

  • AI within gimkit (uses data to make informed decisions)
  • Raytracing and Raycasting
  • Making a 2D game
  • How to properly use block code (this will cover the highest difficulty ideas and how to accomplish them)

And a few more I’m not gonna reveal right now :slight_smile: (I need some guides to make too lol)