Help me code this please! Complex coding involved

I am trying to make a time loop game, and I used the guide below. Now I need to code a seperate block to when the loop has run seven times, it runs a check, and based on the check, it gives you one of two endings (Basically a popup), and then it ends the game, and I don’t know how. Please help me.

Maybe a property for every time it happened? Then use a checker.

But how would I code the properties based on the guide above?

Maybe make it broadcast a channel, then give the properties? I’m not very sure though.
Ex. Just add a broadcast message on channel at the bottom.

It’s ok. I think @cheesebox got off, so that’s why I created this post, to see if anybody could understand this.

When the clock hits midnight, it triggers itself again and increases a counter by 1. The target of the counter is 7. When the counter hits the target, run the check

The loop has a time zone it starts and resets. It starts at 9:00am, then ends at 7:00pm, then the loop resets. That won’t work.

Do you need like a day/night cycle? If so, here is one: How to make a Day/Night System Revised and Improved

No I already created the loop

Wait, you’re talking about the background?

If so, then maybe I do.

But that’s not why I posted this.

Maybe it can detect when the loop reset happens, then broadcast message, give property, at 7, popup? I’m gonna get off now, though.

That might work, but you forgot about the check

Would like, but yeah. I forgot. Don’t forget the check! But try it out, and tell me. Start at 1 property first, so it goes faster.

At the start of the time loop, increase the counter then once it hits the target, run the check. The check can look for an item that was given when a task is done.

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I’ll test out both of those, and if they work, I’ll mark solution.

Sounds good! Good luck, and I hope it works for you. Your game sounds very detailed and creative, so I hope you can finish it.