Help making a room in a escape room

I am making a escape room and i am making it so a sentry has chance of spawning

use this:

where one channel activates a sentry

I don’t think sentries can spawn
tell me if I’m wrong

wdym? just deactivate it on game start and make a channel to activate it. it’s in the settings

Thats what I mean
I didn’t realize they could be deactivated or activated

oh ok

what how did you manage to only put 4 characters with it still working
or did you just hit that

you can’t see it

just put letters into angle brackets (aka < >) with no spaces (e.g. if i put abacaba with no spaces, it would disappear, but if i put it like < abacaba>, then it won’t hide the text)

You can do this
This is 50/50 but you can add more

Ik thats why it looks like theres a space with nothing in it

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