HELP. I want to make a pokemon map for my friend's birthday!

Hello, I want to make a Pokemon map for my friend because he loves pokemon. Can someone make the map and give it to me, his birthday is on Oct. 20 and I don’t know how to make it. Thanks for your help!

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Try my guide in turn based combat perhaps?

It will be finished in 2 ish days, until then try focusing on 1 area, maybev viridian forest, I have an idea for pokeballs, but it is hard to explain

Hello there, @Mr.Tomato you might want to try and code it yourself. I bet your friend would really appreciate it and you might learn a thing or two.

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Yeah, unfortunately, probably no one is going to make a map for you and give it to you, so you’ll have to make it yourself. You can ask questions on how to make it though.

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How could I make the turn-based combat?

Yes! don’t get off topic!

I will finish the guide in a bit, but the link to it is:

Will be finished in 5 days or less!

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Check out:Turn-based combat (WIP)

Thank you so much for your help and you are right, my friend will like it much more!

Ok. Have fun, good luck, and happy Gimkitting!

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Because, 10 days is way to small, you could focus on their favorite pokemon in a fight, like you can design a Pikachu, (if they like it) and replace it with the sentry in my guide!

I would love to make it but our times might not match up

Personally REALLY excited to use this (You can even use a one-sided version for a persuasion meter, as I am in my soon - to - exist - open world game set in a mall)

Lots of stress, on me, this will be a core mechanic in many games ( you may have to restart when I finish, I sneakily add more block code everywhere sorry!)

You could sentries as NPCs by putting a zone that doesn’t allow gadget fire around them and a button that opens a pop up menu with the game overlay device.

or use the pixel art guide to make one

Great idea, thanks for the suggestion!

Remember, few can make a game in that small area, doing pallet town, and a small area of tall grass would be best, your friend would love it!