HELP. I want to make a pokemon map for my friend's birthday!

Ok I will do that, thanks for the suggestion!

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we would make it for you but only the map, what time can I give it to you and what date?

You could also use triggers hidden in some tall grass that could trigger a fight scene maybe using a teleporter.

Welcome, designing pallet town should take a day maybe, and when I finish my guide in 3 days it t should take you 1 day also, so maybe 5-6 days of work?

You can link that to the arena in my guide!

Also check out Math Thrives video to see a basic pokemon mechanic in work!

Thanks for the offer, I would like it by 19th but if it is not possible, then please do around 21st. You can do 5 pm is CST? because I am in school till 3 and get home at 4.

You could even recreate the feel of walking into a house and becoming much bigger by using this guide and putting a teleporter at the entrance.

we watch that guy for help too

cool we need your country is in the USA I would like state so our time zones can match nicely

Ok I am in Illinois, thanks so much for helping

nice state. we are in tx I’ll see if we can match times, just give us a sec.

Isn’t it 1 hour behind? I am not sure

what is your time currently?

5:42 PM is the time currently

woah we have corresponding times. (we have never met anyone online with corresponding time)

Oh that is great! so the times will work?

yup it will do you have any free time in school?

wait are you am or pm

Welcome to the forum @Mr.Tomato