Help for vending machine

How do I change the speed of a vending machine, when trying to purchase?

guys this is the last one of my topics for today

You can hook up a button to a vending machine and change the speed I guess.

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does that help, @DannyStarf?

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Slow down or speed up?

a button can do both…so I don’t think it really matters :person_shrugging:


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i get it
Blackjack was right

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both (extra words to send message)

do you mean by wiring a vending machine to a button can make the purchase speed different?

wire button to vending machine, then change the speed of the button

i tried it, it didnt work

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what do you mean by that?


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I avoided character limit by putting characters like this <AAAAAAAAAAAAA.>
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oh ok! thanks!! :3333333

i think unfortunately changing speed of purchase isnt possible? i hope gimkit does add this feature :3 if anyone does know, pls tell me :3

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will do! Mark solution so topic can close :D

how does the button wired to vending machine not work?
you can also use wire repeaters/triggers to add delay.

Bro the vending machine has a option in its edit menu that says “purchase speed” I wish I had a pic to show you

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