Help executing idea for a melee weapon

I had an idea on how to make a melee weapon, I just dont know if its possable/how to make it.

If you were to somehow make a prop that looks like a slash and spawns in front of you when you use an item, and if you could make that slash deal damage to sentries, then you could make a melee weapon. Problem is: im an idiot with limited knolage of of gimkit system lol. Any help?

i feel like this guide may be able to help you:

You can’t deal damage to sentries, however for players you would need to use pseudo health.


It would have to be stationary though so it takes up a bit of memory.

or use this guide:

The problem is that it has to deactivate the sentry making it 1 hit. And like @T_Sonic54 said you can’t damage players with it.

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yea I feel like it wont attack players

@Seven_Seas does this guide allow the sword to move to the player?

dude you can use a damage boost if u want

No it doesn’t move to the player

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not really, it has to be stationary in order to not take up a lot of memory like what fusionlord said, but you can do it, by doing simple animation, check out the animations guides!

thanks a lot for this!

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Dude I already said that

sorry about that, the thing is I didn’t see that, so Ill edit it to mention ur name

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