Help: Enter Button In Gimkit Creative

I’m making a list, I’ve tried overlay text, popups, and notifications, and none of them allow me to make a list.
Blue Jay’s ----> Awesome
DOD —> Awesome
It won’t let be click enter to make a new line.
FYI: I won’t use text

3 min, I’ve been ignored. No one is online :sob:

thats because it doesnt exist, you cant use line breaks in gkc.

That’s not a solution. I’ve seen other people in DIscovery with lists. How do I make lists?

the text device can make a list

Did you read?

they literally dont exist i dont know what u want me to say

I think there is a solution, just an alternative thought.

for popups you just add more of them to replace each line

if you could list some examples, that’d be nice, because for one, i’ve never seen this, two, this would be a groundbreaking, earth-shattering, convenient discovery, and three, all the gimkit creative professionals don’t know how to do this either.

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Fine, is there a way to make a text teleport to you wherever you are at the click of an overlay?

Seriously, why was I flagged?

it would be possible; would probably take more data then you want though

You’d need a lot of coordinate systems.


IDC, I just need it, please.
Sorry if that was rude. I just been working hours on my map and I have this little roadblock ruining it all.

Okay, fine, can I teleport someone at the click on an overlay?

yes that shouldn’t be too hard

  1. coordinate grid to track where the player relatively is and include a text obj on each coordinate
  2. because u responded to me rudely

button game overlay → teleporter (teleport player here or something)


@kyro GimSolver was not being mean chill you should not reply if you don’t have anything important to add and don’t flag unless it is necessary


Thank you! All I said is why respond when you have no solution?
You asked what should I say then, and I responded saying “nothing”.

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