HELP, Death Checkpoint

I was trying to add to my game, I added a lifecycle device and a teleporter (I wired them, and the life cycle is listening for the player locked out), I wanted to make if I player got knocked out to teleport to this place, but it did work, when plays died it brought them to the teleporter but then suddenly it teleported them to the spawn pad where players teleport when the game starts, does anyone have a fix to this?

Use the checkpoint device…that should work.

Maybe use a checkpoint like @The_7th_Dragon said. It should do exactly what you want to happen. Btw, welcome back!

Or add a delay. 2 seconds is too much btw

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Delay the teleportation.

Wire the checkpoint device to a trigger and make it wait an amount of time before triggering. Then wire the trigger to a teleporter and make the player teleport there when the trigger is triggered. I made something similar and had the same problem and that was what I did to fix it.

Welcome back @bluebird291.

hey, I’m a bit confused on why people are saying welcome back to me

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what should i do, people saying to get a checkpoint, not sure what I have to add

there is a device that says checkpoint

You can ping wolftechnology if you want

use that, Also welcome

okay, i adding that, and wired it to a trigger, what else I gotta do?

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nothing… as long as the player runs into the checkpoint that is where they will respawn

oh okay, let me try im checking it rn

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its not really what I was looking for, so basically I wanted so where when the player dies, they teleport to this place

who is he? if I ping him, would he be able to help??

Yes, if you need help with anything gimkit related wolftechnology will help
He is also a regular so he is experienced


idk if he is active or not

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