Haw to make it so when brack a bed and dead the player the game ends

so what should I do pls help

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use this guide for a bed breaking system!

property setup:
get a property named “teamnum”. set the default value to 0 and make sure it’s a number property with a team scope. when it’s value changes broadcast on channel “change”. get a trigger with a max trigger of 1 and max trigger scope of player. also make sure the trigger has allowed team to the team the bed belongs to. get a counter with a count scope of team. make the counter update the property “teamnum”. wire the trigger to the counter [trigger triggered → increment counter].

now for the other stuff:
get a lifecycle and a trigger and a wire repeater. have the wire repeater with no delay and allowed team is whatever team the bed is on. make the trigger deactivated on game start and make the lifecycle event “player knocked out”. Wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater [event occurs → repeat wire pulse]. wire the wire repeater to the trigger [wire pulse repeated → trigger trigger]. Wire the bed prop to the trigger [prop destroyed → activate trigger]. wire the trigger from the counter from earlier [trigger triggered → decrement counter]. get a checker that checks for the value of the property “teamnum”. it is checking if the property is less than 1. It checks when receiving on channel “change”. When the check passes broadcast on channel “eliminated”. Get an end game device that ends the game when receiving on channel “eliminated”.

final notes:
that should be all! this is probably not the most efficient system but it should work! thx for reading it lol


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i did not understand that sentence

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the ’ Haw to make it so when brack a bed and dead the player the game ends’