Has any one tried making an animation of some sort? Heres my attempt

So I was pondering new gimkit ideas, and I came up with 2 concepts for making a animation. I was wodering if anyone else has done this before and how they did it. I also think this could be used to make cutcenes or to make props move. The possibilities are endless!

Concept 1: This concept use popups and only alows you to use text drawings and copypastas but is kinda wacky. The design would use a popup with the first frame of the animation wired to another popup with the next frame set so that when the first popup is closed the second one opens. Now this would be a big pain to make for long animations and especially a pain to draw the texts.

Concept 2: This concept uses the same thing as in concept 1 but with props. It would go somthing like: when game start > show prop and trigger trigger ( with 0.5s delay) > when triggered > Show 2 prop and hide first prop. Then after that just rinse and repeat. This method is easier to make I think looks better and could be used for a ton. Even possibly MOVING sentrys!

Thanks guys! Looking forward to your ideas / feedback.

(also I know this could prob be in put in help but I dont know what to put it in)

Yes, actually! @anythinger has an amazing guide and example of animation.

Im not sure if this is a guide or not, and you can make teleporting sentrys.

oh shoot i gotta check that out.

here is a guide to a moving sentry

And here is @Anythinger’s guide

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But it could make the like walk, but shooting may be a bit wierd for them.

kk thanks a lot.

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Also btw this is falls under the help catagory and you cant make them walk but you can make them shoot.

I mean in like a small animation loop with a set path like there patroling. Could be used for stealth or sneaking in games but you would have to make the sentry have high acuracy and stuff so someone dosent just run through.

you should be able to repeat the steps to make it teleport and do it in a certain order to make it move in that order.

idk why its not working for you.

I was wrong…lol it works.

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oh ok, remember to mark a solution to avoid clutter.

Another way you could do an animation is make a text display, and then use different properties to make “frames” of the animation. Although it is a bit of a tedious process…

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